Quality Assurance

We have never sacrificed quality of raw materials and manufacturing techniques.

We are fully aware of the fact that we must keep prices at an affordable level and we will continue to do so by investing in better technology, better manufacturing techniques, and improved efficiency but not by sacrificing the very thing we stand for - QUALITY and the COMFORT of your children.

Quality Raw Materials We ensure that all materials used in the manufacture of our garments are of the highest QUALITY standard. We also ensure that these materials have been rigorously tested for colourfastness, perspiration, and light fastness. We ensure our fabrics exceed the minimum standards required for school wear. QRM is not a catch phrase - it is a mandate for success. You deserve the best value for money and we insist you get it. Now that's a comfort and commitment you need when selecting a supplier for your school.

Affordable Quality Made Garments Children are hard on their clothes. Their energy and enthusiasm for life is boundless. We make our garments to stand up to their energy. We understand the need to make durable, comfortable and suitable clothing for children, so they look just as good wash after wash, wear after wear. Your children are in fact our biggest critics. If our garments don't last, they won't wear them.

Stand By Our Product It's easy to make claims of QUALITY but much harder to support these claims. The best way we know how is to give you the assurance that if you are not completely satisfied with our product we are happy to replace it - Satisfaction Guaranteed!