Aplus Schoolwear

Printing & Embroidery

AGS PRINTS Pty Ltd has extensive experience of producing high quality printed and embroidered uniforms. Unlike many of our competitors we produce all of our personalised garments "In-house". This gives us direct control over the quality of the finished product as well as production times and it keeps our prices low.

AGS PRINTS Pty Ltd can screen-print and embroider logos and designs onto t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, polos, caps and all types of clothing.... the list goes on!

When it comes down to choosing between Printing & Embroidery it inevitably comes down to price. As well, consideration is given to personal preference, durability etc.

Screen Printing Clothing

Screen printing is a great process for larger order of printed garments (30+) and larger designs. Screen-printed garments wash well and can maintain the print quality for some time.

This process should not be confused with heat transfer printing (or thermal prints) which do not wear as well, and are fragile when washing and ironing.

Printing Is An Art Form

One thing many customers do not realise is that screen printing is very much an art in more ways than one. Not all clothing printers take the same care over the quality of the printing as we do. We make sure our print doesn't crack, colours don't overlap, the design is straight and the ink is thick enough.

Pros Of Screen Printing

Pros - Great for orders of 30 printed garments or more; high quality, long lasting print.

Embroidered Clothing

Embroidery on your clothing or uniform produces a high quality look but is best used for smaller designs (up to about 8-10cm square), as larger designs take time to produce and are therefore more costly.

As coloured cotton rather than ink, it is ideal for logos, personalisation and more on heavier garments such as:

  • polo shirts and heavier t-shirts,
  • fleeces and jackets,
  • sweat shirts and hood tops.

How We Embroider Your Logo Onto Your Clothing

Once we have your logo for your school uniform, we 'digitise it' which is the process of formatting the design in such a way that our embroidery software can recognise it and replicate the design onto the garments.

At AGS PRINTS Pty Ltd we pride ourselves with the quality of our finished embroidered garments and will always go that extra mile to ensure that the finished garments are of a very high quality.

Pros Of Embroidered Clothing

Prestigious, quality look; great for small designs such as Logos, ideal for sweatshirts, heavier t-shirts and school uniforms; no further set-up costs for repeat orders.

Sublimation Clothing

Sublimation is a dye transfer process which uses heat sensitive sublimation printed paper to permanently dye synthetic fabrics.

  • "Dye Sublimation", involves a process which actually dyes the garment, the colour is 'in' the fabric and not on top of the fabric, as in the case with traditional thermal print methods.
  • Sublimation gives a much better feel to the garment, as well as colour fastness and the ability to print unlimited colours. Sublimation printing also enables the production of 'all over prints' which allows your design to extend across the whole garment.