Aplus Schoolwear

Care Of Clothes

Taking care of your school wear garments is very important. However, you do not want this to be an expensive and time consuming chore!

Great thought is taken when care instructions are compiled and we strongly advise that you follow our recommendations. This will help you to get the best life out of your garment and keep it looking new for longer.

Please review the labelling on your garment for all care instructions and if you have any questions feel free to contact us at info@agsprints.com.au


To optimize the look of your garments and to avoid unnecessary damage, please pay particular attention to our washing advice.

  • Always wash your garments inside out to protect the face of the fabric
  • Try to avoid very hot water - use warm or cold water.
  • Separate dark colours from whites. Even though some pastels can be washed with whites, we don't recommend it.
  • To avoid damage to both the garment and washing machine, always fasten zips, studs, buttons and buckles prior to washing.
  • We suggest that you always read the care instruction label and follow the instructions given.
  • We recommend that you always wash garments prior to wearing them.
  • Avoid using fabric softeners as this has a negative effect on anti-pill treatment applied to our garments.


  • Try to avoid hanging wet clothes in direct sunlight. If you need to do so, then always ensure the garments are hung on the line inside out.
  • Try to avoid drying clothes in a dryer but if you need to then place the heat setting on very low to avoid any shrinkage


  • If you have a garment that is printed or embroidered, you must iron the garment inside out to avoid any "Smudging" DO NOT apply a hot iron directly onto the print.
  • Hot iron settings are also responsible for shrinkage, pilling and colour loss. A warm setting is preferred.